Menu designed for use without mouse. What is the best way to implement?

I'm writing a GUI using QT for embedded system with linux. This device has no mouse. Only display and specific keyboard with keys: up, down, return and 7 number keys.

The software will be used to set some parameters of device and read them (some charts also).

Example of how menu could look:


after OPTION 1 selected


After SUBOPTION 1 selected some table with data is loaded.

Sometimes after selecting option i need to load specific widget and sometimes just another set of options.

  1. I think it is possible to implement custom labels and kind of list widget that aligns them.
  2. I guess it is also possible to use Qt's MVC classes for it. They are highly customizable, but i never made custom views and delegates.
  3. Maybe i just need to create QtListView with stringlist model and apply stylesheet to it so it gets look more like buttons. And based on selection in list load next widget.

Which way is better and why? Is there any easier ways to accomplish this?

Any ideas would be appreciated.