Searching Web Framework for business use

i searched for a while, but cannot get to a point.

For our business application, we are searching for a CSS Framework (like Bootstrap), which at least includes the following features:

  • Professional looking design
  • Supporting advanced Table functionality:
    • Data Heavy (up to 200.000 entries, >30 Columns)
    • Text filter for each table head
    • Sorting for each table head
    • Global (=table-wide) Text filter
    • Pagination
    • Columns resize
    • Columns reorder and fixed Columns
    • Custom Fields containing buttons and highlighted text, icons and so on
    • Dropdown of table rows showing details

We also are willing to spend some money on this.

Since we have never worked with such data heavy tables, we are unsure about this. Maybe you can share your experience with us.

Do you know a framework supporting these features and you can recommend?

We develop the application with ASP.NET Core 3 in Visual Studio. No Angular or whatsoever.

At the moment, we have not built a GUI for this project yet, so we are at point zero and can plan the UI at our will.

Thank you in advance!