SpringBoot Maven project

when trying to run the spring boot maven project on eclipse getting that error . "Launch configuration Attacher references non-existing project demo2." Anyone please help to fix that error.

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  • answered 2019-11-14 05:22 Hannu98

    First you have to make sure your project is a Java Project, and not a Simple project. You can check that the navigator shows a little blue 'J' associated with the folder.If it does not shows,it means it is a Simple project. You can create a Java project File>New>Project>Java Project --projectName and Finish.

    Or it can be possible that your java project was referencing to one of your previous project. You can resolve this problem by changing some project setting--> Project->properties->"Run/Debug Settings"->configure->edit-->Main tab(select current project). Then select "Main class" by clicking on search button(it will be your class name)-->Ok.

    Hope it will resolve your problem.