echo $PATH shows path that I have not set - Mac

Hi Guys I'm not a Mac Guru but I am very clueless here.

The problem is that I'm trying to get a new php installed in Mac, which I did by adding from Homebrew. But when I try to use php command in terminal it gives error.

dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/icu4c/lib/libicui18n.61.dylib
  Referenced from: /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/bin/php
  Reason: image not found
Abort trap: 6

From what I believe, the source of the php is being checked inside XAMPP files? I try to change the PATH in both profile and bash profile, but I don't see any reference to /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/bin/php. But when I echo echo $PATH it shows /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin. I checked in /etc/paths and it's


But why and how echo $PATH is showing /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/bin there? when /etc/paths file does not have that mentioned???? I'm confused.