concat multiple columns in SQLAlchemy

Have Account Table, in which have project_id, project_name, document_count, account_name. One account have multiple project. I want collect all projects data for each account.

Database: AWS Aurora Model:

class Account(BASE):
    This class represents Account table
    __tablename__ = 'Account'
    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True, autoincrement=True)
    project_id = Column(String(255), unique=True)
    created_at = Column(DateTime,
    updated_at = Column(
    account_name = Column(String(255))
    document_count= Column(SmallInteger, default=0)
    account_id = Column(String(255))
    project_name = Column(String(255))
    status = Column(String(10))
    def __init__(self, data):
        self.project_id = data["project_id"]
        self.account_name = data["account_name"]
        self.document_count= data["document_count"]
        self.account_id = data["account_id"]
        self.project_name = data["project_name"]
        self.status = data["status"]

Previously I have to concat only project ID of each account. I used following

table = Account
column_name = project_id
filters = Some condition
columns_to_select = ["account_id", "account_name"]
label = project_ids

Following sqlalchemy code for that (Working code)

        data = session.query( 
               getattr(table, column_name)
            *[getattr(table, column) for column in columns_to_select]
        ).filter_by(**filters).group_by(getattr(table, group_by)).all()

Output of above code:

[{'project_ids': '8882-4ba7-a86e-016d1d58bbc1', 'account_id': '2389-4ea7-9ff2-94fc15eaa981', 'account_name': 'ABC'}, {'project_ids': 'd081-4956-8604-365d6976a842,cu61-34556-76704-323fs6976a845', 'account_id': '9f7d-460f-9de1-800e457d91ef', 'account_name': 'XYZ'}]

Now I want "project_name" and document count in result. I am not able do


table = Account
column_names = project_id, project_name, document_count
filters = Some condition
columns_to_select = ["account_id", "account_name"]
label = collected_data

expected output:

    'collected_data': [('8882-4ba7-a86e-016d1d58bbc1', "project-001", 23)], 
    'account_id': '2389-4ea7-9ff2-94fc15eaa981', 'account_name': 'ABC'
    'collected_data': [('d081-4956-8604-365d6976a842, "project-002", 12), 
                       ('cu61-34556-76704-323fs6976a845', "project-003", 212)]
    'account_id': '9f7d-460f-9de1-800e457d91ef', 'account_name': 'XYZ'}

Please let me know anyone can help me on this..