How to ignore a specific phar file under a PhpStorm project?

I have a composer.phar under my Symfony project. I shall not delete this file.

PhpStorm analyzes this file to index its contained functions and classes. This file is indexed and I see some troubles like "Multiple declaration".

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I know how to ignore a directory, but I'm searching how to ignore a specific pharfile to avoid indexing.

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  • answered 2019-12-15 21:09 Cedrix

    For phar extension file:

    Such file is shown as plain text in the editor, and is marked with a special icon Plain text file in the Project Tool Window.

    In the context of a PHP project, you can also exclude entire PHP archives (phar files) to prevent multiple declaration conflicts between classes in a phar archive and the corresponding classes in the installed vendors directory. Right-click on file and select "Exclude phar from project"

    Contextual menu screenshot

    For any file extension:

    If you mark the file as plain file then PhpStorm will ignore it.

    1. Select the file from the Project Tool Window

    2. Select Mark as plain text