how do I overlay Ohio on top of Texas

I have a question here which is not described properly. I raised my question here again with more details.

Basically, I want to compare the size of two areas and plot them in a figure. For example, I want to compare Ohio with Texas, and I want to plot Ohio within the middle of Texas. Here is my code and the result:

%matplotlib inline

import geopandas as gpd

us = gpd.read_file('./DataExample/tl_2019_us_state/tl_2019_us_state.shp')

oh = us[us['STATEFP'] == '39']

tx = us[us['STATEFP'] == '48']

ax = tx.plot()


enter image description here

Because the two polygons share the same CRS, they were arranged according to the CRS, and this is not what I want. I was wondering how to plot OH within Texas, not separate polygons like the above figure. Thanks.