Web integration

First order

I'm might be a little over my head with this project but I'm truly willing to learn


After a few months of debugging, I succeed to build a python script to interact with smart speaker's and a NVR. It react if the pre-configured NVR activate one of his relays and send commands to the smart speaker. If I restate well

NVR detect something ---> Activate his relay ---> Raspberry receive a signal ---> Raspberry send request to the smart speaker's

No-technical explication : If someone comes in the driveway , smart speaker's acts as ring bell

Now this the part that I need your knowledge

I would like to upgrade my program to be personnalise trought a webpage. If you look into the code theres some parameters to each speaker. IP, volume, file to play. I would like if my program would be user-friendly. A link to the code on github will be posted.


I don't way a complete solution, I know a little bit about flask and django but I seems to miss the little part of knowledge between my goal and my actual program. Feel free to show me exeample or guide trought it. I will be infinitly grateful.

# 1.4 Jouer fichier wav sur Bose SoundTouch 1 

def sonBose1():
    nom = Entrepot 
        entrepot = soundtouch_device('')

        volumeactuel = entrepot.volume()



        logging.info('%s non disponible', nom)

Link to my complete program

Edit I'm getting a few downvotes and I don't know exactly why, feel free to tell me otherwise I won't be able to correct myself in the future.

Since I might be too specific and at the same time not clear. Let's go with scenario number 2.

  1. Imagine that I have a python script that every 5 minutes send a SMS to a number saying "The program is still running"
  2. I would like to be able trougt a webpage to modify this number

I would like to know how to do this.