Unexpected Google Search Results: Sitemap.xml and noFollow

I'm a bit confused with something.

I have a site called Nameable.io.

This site contains a home page, sub pages and some legal pages.

The legal pages have the following tag:

<meta name="noindex, nofollow" content="robots"> to remove them from a search.

I have a sitemap.xml generated / updated automatically. It doesn't include the legal pages due to the pages having the nofollow and noIndex.

The sitemap.xml just contains links to sub pages: https://www.nameable.io/sitemap.xml

The sitemap has been submitted on google search console (no issues or errors there). It was all added a weeks ago.

When I specifically search for "Nameable.io" in google I see the home page listed plus the legal pages listed. I don't see the sitemap or the sub pages presented in the results. The sub pages are linked from the home page.

The results are almost the opposite from what I expect (except for seeing the home page): https://www.google.com/search?q=nameable.io

I have a robots.text with nothing much in it: https://www.nameable.io/robots.txt

This is baffling me.... Does anyone know what I've done wrong?