Best Place Keep cordova.js in url hosted Cordova App

I have developed a Angular app which will be served in a separate server. I am loading that App in my Cordova config.xml file as <content src="https:/" />. I am keeping my cordova.js and all the plugin files in my Angular App so that all the plugins would work. I am loading the cordova.js file inside my index.html. But now I was asked to remove cordova.js files from my angular. I know, if we are wrapping my "dist" folder inside my www folder of cordova will resolve this issue, but I do not want to do that because I don't want release an ipa/apk every time I change my Angular code and that is why we decided to go on with loading the app with hosted url approach.

Can anyone tell me how can I move this cordova.js inside cordova so that I don't need to maintain it in Angular and if I do so how can I access cordova.js from Angular

All the things I found in Internet is only talking about wrapping the entire angular App inside cordova. An any one?