Does anyone know how to migrate from Phonegap build to something else

I need your help. Phonegap is the solution I use to create apps. I bundle my files together in a zip, upload to Phonegap, and it spits out an ipa. I make the files in the zip from indesign - I'm no coder. I don't use xcode. I dont use command prompts. Phonegap doesn't require these.

However, because Adobe is just about the worst company on planet Earth, without warning or official comment (or even answering support questions), Phonegap will become obsolete in April.

Does anyone know of a quide or other step-by-step solution on how I can take the files I have pre-packaged for Phonegap (calling cordova plugins) and turn it into an ipa without Phonegap.

Every guide I can find starts with an assumption you're a coder, so it goes over my head on the first line. I can make the zip file with everything inside that is needed to use Phonegap. So how can I proceed with that zip file now?

Any help is much appreciated, thank you