Azure Notificationhub QuotaExceededException: This operation is not available for your tier

When trying to send an AppleNotification with SendDirectNotificationAsync() with a list of targets, the hubclient responds with the exception

thrown: 'Microsoft.Azure.NotificationHubs.Messaging.QuotaExceededException This operation is not available for your tier.TrackingId:6f14d008-2621-4b8a-881f-857d4f51dda6_G5,TimeStamp:3/31/2020 10:44:50 AM"'

and thats all the info i got.

My code

var alert = "{\"aps\":{\"alert\":{\"title\":\"" + newNotification.Title + "\",\"body\":\"" + newNotification.Content + "\"}}}";
if (newNotification.Targets != null)
    notification = new AppleNotification(alert);
    outcome = await _hubClient.SendDirectNotificationAsync(notification, newNotification.Targets);

_hubclient is an Instance of NotificationHubClient

newNotification.Targets is a String List containing the Notification Tokens


With 1 device token it works perfectly, even with a FCMNotification and a list of android device tokens, it has no problems.

I could not find any info on the pricing tiers about sending an APNS notification to multiple devices or anything else about direct messages to multiple devices. I also tried searching for the different exception messages and the meaning of them but couldn't find anything. Apple's documentation didn't help me either but i didn't expect it to because the exception comes from Azure and in the metrics APNS didn't have any monitoring messages on the failed notification.

Does anyone know what this exception could mean for my case and why it isn't allowed while it is allowed for Android.