Preserve EXIF data when marking up a photo with FabricJS

I have a Cordova mobile app that takes pictures with the cordova-camera-plugin-with-exif and I want to be able to markup the photos using FabricJS. The problem is to markup the photo with FabricJS, I need to convert the image data into a canvas using fabric.Image.fromURL() and looses all the metadata.

I've seen various JS libraries that read EXIF data from a image, which I could do before converting it to a canvas for FabricJS, but I haven't see any way to re-add the EXIF metadata after marking up the photo. Is that possible?

Otherwise, I know how I could create a transparent canvas overlay of the image using FabricJS to do the mark but how do you integrate that overlay into the mage with EXIF to generate a single marked-up file that maintains EXIF data.