Problem with Cordova Network Plugin on Zebra TC52

i am running a simple app that uses the network plugin to get information about the network state. on my motorola android 6 device and on the emulator, everything works as expected. then i have a Zebra TC52 with Android 8.1.0, and there navigator.connection.type is always unknown. Looking at logcat, i see the following errors

04-01 11:01:51.611  4506  4576 D PluginManager: exec() call to unknown plugin: NetworkStatus
04-01 11:01:51.614  4506  4506 D SystemWebChromeClient: Line 88 : Error initializing Network Connection: Class not found
04-01 11:01:51.615  4506  4506 I chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(88)] "Error initializing Network Connection: Class not found", source: ...

Has anyone any clue?