For loop only showing one data

so I'm trying to fetch data from my existing database but in my for loop it just showing one data but it should be two data that is showing.

Here's my code:

 copyDatabaseFile('sample.db').then(function () {
      // success! :)
      var db = sqlitePlugin.openDatabase('sample.db');
      db.transaction(function (txn) {
        txn.executeSql('SELECT * FROM fish', [], function (tx, res) {
          console.log('Successfully read from pre-populated DB:');

          var length = res.rows.length;
          var s;
          for(var i=0; i<length; i++){
            var fish = res.rows.item(i);
    }).catch(function (err) {
      // error! :(

Here's the output: enter image description here

Here's my database: enter image description here