.then() not executed on promise

I am building an ionic app using capacitor and I am trying to add an SQLite database to the application. I followed this tutorial, however I've ran into a problem.

I've created a database service. In the constructor of that service I try to setup the database. In order to setup that database I need to know that the device is ready so I call Platform.ready() and add a callback to execute as soon as this is the case. This part works.

Inside that callback I check the platform and if it is "cordova" I attempt to create the database. Now here is where the issue is. As far as I can tell the create() function is being executed (console shows "Platform ready: cordova"), but the callback of that create function is never executed. It does not give any errors, it just skips the callback.

What is wrong with my code? Why is the callback of the create() function not executed?

I am running the app on an android device. And I am using the following packages: cordova-sqlite-storage: 5.0.0 & @ionic-native/sqlite: 5.23.0

// database.service.ts

import { Platform } from "@ionic/angular";
import { Injectable } from "@angular/core";
import { HttpClient } from "@angular/common/http";
import { SQLite, SQLiteObject } from "@ionic-native/sqlite/ngx";
import { BehaviorSubject, Observable } from "rxjs";
import { PokemonDetails } from "../models/pokemon-details";

  providedIn: "root"
export class DatabaseService {
  private database: SQLiteObject;
  private dbReady: BehaviorSubject<boolean> = new BehaviorSubject(false);

  pokemons = new BehaviorSubject([]);

    private plt: Platform,
    private sqlite: SQLite,
    private http: HttpClient
  ) {

   this.plt.ready().then(platform => {
      console.log("platform ready: " + platform);

      if (platform === "cordova") {
       return this.sqlite
        name: "pokemons.db",
        location: "default"
      .then((db: SQLiteObject) => {
        console.log("Database created!");
        this.database = db;

  } else if (platform === "dom") {
    console.log("SQLite in browser is not yet supported!");