¨Error Code: 1046. No database selected Select the default DB to be used by double-clicking its name in the SCHEMAS list in the sidebar.¨ SQL jSON

Database: namedb.tabel1

id       blog

201214   {"employments":[],"email":"xyz@g,mail.com","last-name":"xyz","gender-name":"Female","phone":"+34649"}

290123   {"employments":[],"email":"agsjvc@g,mail.com","last-name":"xyz","gender-name":"Female","phone":"+346435"}

I tired to run: SELECT id, JSON_QUERY(blog, '$.email') AS mail FROM namedb.table1 where ISJSON(blog) > 0 AND JSON_QUERY(blog, '$.employments') is null; but facing an error mentioned above.

How to return the email and id from the database.