packetbeat not capturing response of http request

Packet beat 7.5.2 connected to elasticsearch 7.5.2. Connection is OK.

See the packetbeat.yml file. I only enabled the http request to 8281 port. but when i checked in kibana, it show as bellow and not showing response.

error.message : Unmatched request

See the http enable section configuration as below. Any reason to request and response not matching?

  # Configure the ports where to listen for HTTP traffic. You can disable
  # the HTTP protocol by commenting out the list of ports.
  ports: [8281]
  send_request: true
  send_response: true
  include_body_for: ['image/webp','application/x-javascript','*/*','application/octet-stream','text/xml','application/xml','application/xhtml+xml','text/plain','text/html','application/json','text/javascript','application/javascript','application/x-www-form-urlencoded']
  #include_response_body_for: ['text/xml','application/xml','application/xhtml+xml','text/plain','text/html','application/json']
  split_cookie: true
  send_all_headers: true
  max_message_size: 90485796
  buffer_size_mb: 4048
  transaction_timeout: 20s```