rasterToPoints in R does not return integer values

I am trying to convert a raster into a spatial point data frame using:

mypts <- rasterToPoints(myraster, spatial=T) 

The input raster 'myraster' takes only integer values: 1,2, 3, 4, 5. But then the output mypts@data has non-integer values such as 4.638932.

My temporary solution is to do a simple rounding up:

mydata <- round(mypts@data) # deal with floating points - temporary solution

I did some search suggesting the issue is that the converted spatial points are not positioned at the center of the pixel. I guess this has something to do with the extent. Does anyone have a suggested solution for this? Thanks.

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  • answered 2020-05-22 22:24 Robert Hijmans

    I think your assumption is wrong. If you get values like 4.638932 then the values of the raster are not integer. See these examples.

    r <- raster(ncol=36, nrow=18, vals=1:(18*36))
    x <- rasterToPoints(r, spatial=T) 
    head(x, 3)
    #  layer
    #1     1
    #2     2
    #3     3

    Non-integer data

    rr <- sqrt(r)
    xx <- rasterToPoints(rr, spatial=T) 
    head(xx, 3)
    #     layer
    #1 1.000000
    #2 1.414214
    #3 1.732051

    To check with your data, you could do the equivalent of this (round the raster values)

    rrr <- round(rr)
    xxx <- rasterToPoints(rrr, spatial=T) 
    head(xxx, 3)
    #  layer
    #1     1
    #2     1
    #3     2

    It has nothing to do with the centers of the cells or the extent.