Find Font size of an active console Window

first scripting goal I haven't been able to uncover my own solution for.

Attempts and research on how to find current font size so far:

  • checking wmic for a useable value:

    wmic path Win32_VideoController get * /format:value

  • The accepted solution for this similar question:

    for /f "tokens=3" %A in ('reg query "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics" /v AppliedDPI') do echo %A

    • This solution returns the same result regardless of font size on my machines - 0x12
  • Searching Q&A's here on stackoverflow

  • Searching on Dostips

  • Using an external executable to force font size (BG.exe)

    • Not all the scripts I use this in will warrant users needing to download supporting executables

Script execution is intended for Windows 10 systems supporting ASCII escape codes

The context for needing current font size:

I've developed a routine for controlling console size and position, which remains accurate accross different resolutions, however it currently depends on values for maximum lines and columns based on an assumed font size of 16x8

With a reliable means to determine font size, I can do away with this assumption and formulate positioning using the relationship between the actual font size, maximum lines / columns and screen resolution. I still need to determine the above relationship - if anyone already knows it, feel free to share.

::: { Subroutine to process output of wmic command into usable variables for screen dimensions (resolution)
::: - Formula based on Consolas 16x8 Font
:ChangeConsole <Lines> <Columns> <Label to Resume From> <If a 4th parameter is Defined, Aligns screen at top left>
::: - Get screen Dimensions
    For /f "delims=" %%# in  ('"wmic path Win32_VideoController  get CurrentHorizontalResolution,CurrentVerticalResolution /format:value"') do (
        Set "%%#">nul
::: - Calculation of X axis relative to screen resolution and console size. Resolution scales to Max Columns ~ 165
    Set /A XresScale=CurrentHorizontalResolution / 165
    Set /A HorzCentre=CurrentHorizontalResolution / 2
    Set /A CentreX= ( HorzCentre - ( ( %~2 * XresScale ) / 2 ) ) - 8
::: - Calculation of Y axis relative to screen resolution and console size. Resolution scales to Max Lines ~ 43
    Set /A YresScale=CurrentVerticalResolution / 43
    Set /A VertCentre=CurrentVerticalResolution / 2
    Set /A CentreY=VertCentre - ( ( %~1 * YresScale ) / 2 )
::: - Optional 4th parameter can be used to align console at top left of screen instead of screen centre
    If Not "%~4"=="" (Set /A CentreY=0,CentreX=-8)
::: - Creates a batch file to reopen the main script using Call with parameters to define properties for console change and the label to resume from.
    Echo.@Mode Con: lines=%~1 cols=%~2
    Echo.@Title %ProgName%
    Echo.@Call "%AlignFile%" "%~1" "%~2" "%~3" "%AlignFile%" 
::: - .Vbs script creation
    Echo.Set objWMIService = GetObject^("winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2"^)
    Echo.Set objConfig = objWMIService.Get^("Win32_ProcessStartup"^)
    Echo.objConfig.X = %CentreX%
    Echo.objConfig.Y = %CentreY%
    Echo.Set objNewProcess = objWMIService.Get^("Win32_Process"^)
    Echo.intReturn = objNewProcess.Create^("%temp%\ChangeConsole.bat", Null, objConfig, intProcessID^)
::: - .Vbs Starts the companion batch script to Change Console properties, ends the parent.
    Start "" "%temp%\Consolepos.vbs" & Exit
::: }

A demo of the above routine

1 answer

  • answered 2020-05-29 13:39 Aacini

    I wrote this small MASM32 assembly language program to get the size of the font of the current cmd.exe window:

    ;   FontSize.asm: Returns the current font size of cmd.exe window - Antonio Perez Ayala
            include         \masm32\include\
      nFont                 DWORD ?
      dwFontSize            COORD <>
        hConsoleOutput      DD          ?
        ConsoleCurrentFont  CONSOLE_FONT_INFO   <>
    Main    PROC
            invoke  GetStdHandle, STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE                                 ;EAX = console output handle
            mov     hConsoleOutput, eax                                             ;store it
            invoke  GetCurrentConsoleFont, eax, FALSE, ADDR ConsoleCurrentFont      ;get current font info
            invoke  GetConsoleFontSize, hConsoleOutput, ConsoleCurrentFont.nFont    ;EAX = font size 
            invoke  ExitProcess, eax                                                ;return it in ERRORLEVEL
    Main    ENDP
            end     Main

    You may review the documentation of the WIN32 API functions used at this site.

    To get the executable program copy this code into fontsize.asm source program and assembly it via MASM32 SDK package. You may also execute the following .bat Batch file and extract it from the created file:

    @certutil -decode "%~F0" & goto :EOF
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

    fontsize.exe program returns the font size via %ERRORLEVEL% value. For example:

    C:\Users\Antonio\Documents\ASMB\MASM32 Assembler for Windows
    > fontsize.exe
    C:\Users\Antonio\Documents\ASMB\MASM32 Assembler for Windows
    > set /A "height=%errorlevel% >> 16, width=%errorlevel% & 0xFF"
    C:\Users\Antonio\Documents\ASMB\MASM32 Assembler for Windows
    > echo The font size is %width% x %height%
    The font size is 8 x 16