search ,copy and paste entire row

I have 2 workbooks- first workbook is my main workbook that in that book i have company names with sorted truely with alotof dataes in another cloumns- in second book i have company name not sorted-

i wanna write a macro that: have a loop that finds workbooks(1) first company name in workbook(2) sheet(1) and copes all its entire raws to workbook(2) shetts(2) and then second company name and etc until 1000.

can anyone help me develope below codes?

Sub sorting()

Dim companyname As String
Dim counter As Integer

For counter = 1 To 1000
    companyname = Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1).Cells(counter, 1)
    //in workbooks(2).worksheets(1).in cloumn A search companyname
    //if there wasnt companyname  next counter
    //if else copy entire raw contain companyname
   //paste that in workbooks(2).Worksheets(2).row(counter)
   //next counter

End Sub