odoo.tools.convert.ParseError: "Invalid field 'py3o_filetype' on model 'ir.actions.report'" while installing py3o template in Odoo 13

I write a module in Odoo13 and add a py3o report, but i have following error while installing the module: odoo.tools.convert.ParseError: "Invalid field 'py3o_filetype' on model 'ir.actions.report'" while parsing

Below is the xml code for the report:

<record id="product_attr_list" model="ir.actions.report">
    <field name="name">product_attr_list</field>
    <field name="model">product.product</field>
    <field name="report_name">product_attr_list</field>
    <field name="report_type">py3o</field>
    <field name="py3o_filetype">ods</field>
    <field name="module">base_product</field>
    <field name="py3o_template_fallback">report/product_attr_list.ods</field>

I have installed the py3o.template and py3o.formats by pip3.

Thanks for your help. Lan Pham