Nagios is not detecting the URL (check_command)

I am trying to define a service, as below:

define service {
    host_name                       xxx
    service_description             check_xxx
    use                             xxx
    check_command                   check_xxx!"time_connect=%{time_connect}\;time_namelookup=%{time_namelookup}\;time_pretransfer=%{time_pretransfer}\;time_starttransfer=%{time_starttransfer}\;time_total=%{time_total} -o /dev/null -s " -t ""apikey":"123", "user_id":"123", "user_ip":"", "fingerprint":"123", "xcol":"123""
    register                        1


And I am receiving this error: [curl: no URL specified!

I tried to replace " with ' but it doesnt work.

Thanks a lot for your help!!