Can I merge multiple testng reports as one?

I am using DataProvider to run TestNG reports. The issue is it is generating a report for each row. Can I merge multiple reports which are being generated for each row according to my requirement? I have attached my code for reading csv and csv file is attached is:enter image description here

My code for the data provider is:

    @DataProvider(name = "userDetails")
    public static Object[][] readCsv() throws IOException {
        CSVReader csvReader = new CSVReader(new FileReader("C:\\Users\\sudro\\Desktop\\Appium3.csv"), ',');
        List<String[]> csvData = csvReader.readAll();
        Object[][] csvDataObject = new Object[csvData.size()][2];
        for (int i = 0; i < csvData.size(); i++) {
            csvDataObject[i] = csvData.get(i);
        return csvDataObject;

    @Test(dataProvider = "userDetails", priority = 2)
    public void userLoginTest(String PLATFORM_NAME, String PLATFORM_VERSION, String DEVICE_NAME,
                              String UDID, String SUPPORT_LOCATION_CONTEXT, String NO_RESET,
                              String FULL_RESET, String appPackage, String appActivity, String url,
                              String Count, String Action, String Element, String Identifier,
                              String XPath, String ClassName, String SendKeysWait, String MoveToX,
                              String MoveToY, String MoveToXPathClassName, String DownToX, String DownToY)
            throws InterruptedException, IOException {
        //System.out.println(userName+" "+password+" "+s+" "+a+" "+b+" "+c+" "+d+" "+e+" "+f+" "+g+" "+h+" "+i+" "+j+" "+k+" "+l+" "+m+" "+n+" "+o+" "+p+" "+q+" "+r+" "+t);

        if (Action.contains("Click") && Element.contains("Button") && Identifier.contains("XPath")) {
            Button b1 = new Button();
            b1.ButtonClickByXpath(GetAppiumDriver.driver, XPath);