Integrating Plugin into WordPress Child Theme

I have a plugin (, that is no longer supported by WordPress since 2017. I really like the plugin. With this in mind I would like to convert the plugin into a theme function.

This is the structure of the plugin

Inside the folder you have starrating.php (main file), readme.txt. Then inside another folder asset, you have two sub folders. One is called css, which has jquery.wpcf7-starrating.css and the other is called js which contains jquery.wpcf7-starrating.js

I have moved the starrating.php file into the child theme folder. I also moved the 2 folders (css and js) into the child theme.

From here i am not sure how to progress. I have not been able to find any updated help that would help me do this. The closest one I have been able to find is (, which was 8 years ago .

Thank you in advanced