check if string follows specific list of strings in python regex

I have a list of strings that I call 'text_sentences' of the type

["bla bla bla", "yada yada yada","foo boo, foo"...]

Then I have a list of specific strings (words) I have to use to identify the elements (sentences) in my text_sentences, which I call 'words'

words=["word1", "word2",..]

My aim is to identify the sentences in text_sentences based on words, i.e. if a sentence contain at least one of the words in words, that sentence (element of text_sentences) will be put into a new list, say it 'matched'. If not, put it in a list called 'unmatched'. I can reproduce this with something like

    for j in range(len(text_sentences)):
        if any(s in text_sentences[j] for s in words):

However: this is only one step of the process I need to perform. In fact, I also have a list of words like negations of the type


Its use is the following: if a sentence in text_sentences contain at least one word in words, then that sentence must be appended to the matched list; if, however, the word from wordsthat is contained in that sentence follow any word from the negationslist, then that sentence must be appended to the list unmatched. If the sentence does not contain any word from words, then it must be appended to unmatched. How can I perform this all at once?