How to save array of objects into DTO class

So I have passed data in ajax as:

   “name” : “Rahul”,
   “age” : “23”,
   “information” : [
         “id” : “901”,
         “role” : “developer”
   “salary” : “21000”,

For this I have created two DTO classes as

class EmployeeDTO {
   private String name;

   private String age;

   private List<InformationDTO> informationDto;

   private String salary;

//Their getters and setters

I mentioned List because I took information as an array of objects. Then I have another DTO class

class InformationDTO {

   private String id;

   private String role;

Now in my Sling Servlet I am trying to get values of information array like

String information = request.getParameter(“information”);

But I am getting null value. How can I store this array information in my DTO class Employee using InformationDTO? How to save array of objects into DTO class using sling servlet?

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