Sending A Dynamic Form Request in Nodejs

I am currently working on a project and need to create a dynamic form that will take varying inputs (directions for a Recipe) each time. I was able to put together a very simple form that does so, however, I am stumped as to how I would send this information so I can grab that information to display on another page. I have done a lot of researching online, but have made no progress. Moreover, I wanted to ask if keeping all the new inputs that are added with the same class was the proper approach? Should I store them in an array, if so, how would I do that? Here is the link to my repo:

This is the simple form I am using:

<script src=""></script>
    <div class="elements">
        <button id="addButton">Add</button>

            <input class="myinput">

     <script src="./test.js"></script>
    $(".elements" ).append("<div>\
                                <input type='text' class='myinput'>\
                                <button class='remove'>remove</button>\

    function init(){ 
        var x = document.getElementsByClassName('remove')
        for(var i = 0; i< x.length; i++){
            x[i].addEventListener("click", function(e){

I would appreciate any help.