Terrible MS Access Passthrough problem, SQL VBA

I have an old database program for my company. A bunch of forms displaying things, updating, etc. you know the drill. We migrated (before I got there) all the local Access tables to SQL Server. Linked Tables under Tables work fine, but are slow... When I say work fine, you can go into the Access forms, update a dropdown that shows a different display and it displays on the access form, the queries behind driven by the direct and slow SQL connection.

Pass through queries seemed the solution under queries, everything is faster. We renamed the linked tables so nothing would error putting an X in front of the name up there. HOWEVER, if you select a dropdown on the access form to show the form differently or select any of the access form controls-- the screen just flashes and shows you the same information after the flash. I think we are requerying most controls with the requery thing in VBA. The forms will NOT update on the front end, but if you run the access queries without the form literally right after the data is updated inside the access query (that is PT). The access form does not update! I am afraid this requires some fancy VBA of which I do not know much of, but we thought this would be simple plug and play.. Why the hell will the access forms update if controls are selected on the linked tables but not on PT queries?? I have literally found NOTHING on the internet about this, or it is something that is not close to my problem..