How to use regex on csv in python?

I have a csv file with different columns. For example, lets take [Name,Email,Address]. I have regex for name, email, and address. I want to apply the appropriate regex to each column. For better reference, email regex should be applied to the email column. The regex should be applied to each value in the email column and if the percentage of valid emails is more than 30 then that column should be added to a list. I have to follow the same process for each of the columns. Also, it has to be dynamic ie the columns can be in a different order in the CSV. I am trying to do this but I am using the brute force approach and I am not able to think of a better solution. My solution is to have two for loops, the outer one iterating on the columns and the inner one iterating on col values. The problem with this approach is that I would have to apply all of the regexes on each of the columns which is very time-consuming. Can someone help me with this?