How do Companies like Netflix and YouTube Structure/Organise their Data?

so companies like YouTube and Netflix handle a lot of data, which is why they are good at recommending new videos/movies. So my question here is, do they create a different section for each user and store each user's data there? or do they store everyone's data in a single place?

So when I open my Netflix account I immediately see suggestions for me which means they must have created a different suggestion section for my account which is why I am able to get all this suggestion data in a fraction of seconds and if all our data was in one place it would take a lot more time to do all this.

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  • answered 2020-07-04 12:14 Erdemaknc

    Welcome to OOP.T hey stored database witch they use more then one run actions according to user fractions.They analyze with user activity then recommend movies.Its they have lots of layer to synthesis one working product.