How Can I create a distribution chart in Microsoft Excel?

I want to create a histogram in Microsoft Excel. I think this should be easy but I am oddly having some difficulties.

I have the following table:

Bins | Frequency

50000  | 800
100000 | 500
150000 | 300

and so on. The Bins column shows the bin width for this histogram. The Frequency column shows the number of values in each bin. How can I then turn the above table into a histogram?

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  • answered 2020-07-05 09:52 Steven Pomponio

    Since you already have the Bins and Frequency created, you can select these cells and insert a normal column chart under Insert -> Charts -> 2D-Column.

    In order to make it look more like a histogram you can alter the formatting of the chart.

    • First change the Gap Width under Series Options -> Series Options to 0%
    • Then add in a border to help distinguish the bars under Series Options -> Fill & Line
    • You can also play around with the Axis names and add "Frequency" to the y-axis and "Bins" to the x-axis by clicking on the Chart Elements Button (Green plus when hovering over chart) and selecting Axis Titles.