JavaFX 3D Shearing

I am trying to a 3D Shear on a hemisphere. (refer to image) I am using a 3D Shearing matrix to change each point and it seems to work OK in terms of the transformation. However, the base does not remain stationary and keeps moving. This is the code I have so far. The math is using a 3D shearing matrix.

for(int j=0;j<meshPoints.size();j+=3) 
    meshPoints.set(j,(float) (meshPoints.get(j)-0.05*xyzVal[i][0]*meshPoints.get(j+2))); //X coordinate
    meshPoints.set(j+1,(float) (meshPoints.get(j+1)-0.05*xyzVal[i][1]*meshPoints.get(j+2))); //Y coordinate
    meshPoints.set(j+2,(float) (.017*xyzVal[i][2]+ meshPoints.get(j+2))); //Z coordinate

enter image description here