Annotation Altair Python

I am trying to get the side by side horizontal graph using Altair. And I am almost there just I not getting how could I put percentage annotation at the start of the enter image description herebar. For Instance, I am willing to get ratings (Y-axis) after the annotation percentage and the bar graph for all ratings. Please help. Thank you.

right = base.transform_filter( alt.datum.type == 'TV Show' ).transform_joinaggregate( TotalTime='sum(cnt)', ).transform_calculate( PercentOfTotal="datum.cnt / datum.TotalTime" ).mark_text( align='left', baseline='middle', fontSize = 20, dx = 7 ).encode( y=alt.Y('rating:O', axis=None, sort=rating_order), x=alt.X('PercentOfTotal:Q', axis=None), text=alt.Text('PercentOfTotal:Q', format='%4.1f'), color=alt.Color('type:N', scale=colors, legend=None) ).mark_bar().properties(title='TV Show')

alt.concat(left, middle, right, spacing=5).configure_axis(grid=False).configure_view(stroke=None)