Problem Applying Color Profile To PDFs Created By FPDF Library (PHP)

I am having problems adding a color profile to a pdf I create using FPDF. There is a manual process to apply a color profile to an image within Adobe inDesign that I am trying to do programmatically in PHP using FPDF to create the PDF and Imagick to modify the pdf.

Using Hex editor NEO, I have been able to find the colorspace and color profile settings within the pdf's meta headers.

the colorspace and color profile settings of the manually processed pdfs through Adobe inDesign look like this:

<</DestOutputProfile 4 0 R/Info(U.S. Web Coated \(SWOP\) v2)/OutputConditionIdentifier(CGATS TR 001)/RegistryName(>>
</ColorSpace<</CS0 16 0 R>>

the pdfs being created in FPDF have a colorspace setting, but do not have a color profile setting:

<</Type /XObject
/Subtype /Image
/Width 3475
/Height 5213
/ColorSpace /DeviceCMYK
/Decode [1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0]
/BitsPerComponent 8
/Filter /DCTDecode
/Length 10796159>>

Using this PHP procedure I am able to change the colorspace setting in the pdfs being created by FPDF from DeviceRGB to DeviceCMYK but a color profile is never added to the pdf.

$scaleImage = new Imagick($imagePath);

$scaleImage->profileImage('icc', file_get_contents(ABSPATH.'path/icc/USWebCoatedSWOP.icc'));
$scaleImage->negateImage(FALSE, imagick::COLOR_CYAN);
$scaleImage->negateImage(FALSE, imagick::COLOR_MAGENTA);
$scaleImage->negateImage(FLASE, imagick::COLOR_YELLOW);
$scaleImage->negateImage(FLASE, imagick::COLOR_BLACK);

The colors from the pdfs created in FPDF never match the original file and never match the manually processed file from Adobe inDesign. Is this a problem with FPDF or am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else ran into this problem before with FPDF?