Mac VSCode - Running from File Does Not Connect to Python Interactive

I just started using VSCode (running on Mac) to be able to run both R and Python in the same IDE, while also being able to use the Python Interactive session to run code one step at a time.

Image of My VSCode Setup

In the image, I have the Python Interactive session up and running on the right side of my screen...and when I type in code within the session, it runs properly in there.

However, when I try to run code directly in the file ("Shift+Ent"), the code runs in the terminal in the pane at the bottom of the screen.

Ideally, I would like it if, whenever I run code ("Shift+Ent") within the file, it automatically runs this code in the right Python Interactive session rather than in the terminal at the bottom.

Python 'Run' Keyboard Shortcuts

Above is a list of my keyboard shortcuts as I have tried changing them with different combinations to account for this, but every combination I have tried does not solve my problem. I also understand that there is a command "Run Current File in Python Interactive Window," but this runs the entire file and I would like to run individual or groups of lines.

Please let me know if anyone else has had this same issue, or if anyone knows a way to solve this for me! Thanks and I appreciate any help!!