Can anyone help me solve this function problem using JavaScript

I have been coming across this problem for function, it is really is interesting and been trying to figure out this problem, and has been googling this question how to solve it but failing to do so, can anyone one know how to solve this coding question...using swift and javascript,

Create a function called "timeAdder" that can add two time values together. For example, it should be able to add 25 hours and 3 days together.

The function should accept 4 parameters:

value1, label1, value2, label2

  • value1 and value2 should accept positive integers

  • label1 and label2 should accept any of the following strings: "seconds", "minutes", "hours", "days", "second", "minute", "hour", "day"

For example your function may be called in any of the following ways:





  1. Your function should include at least one switch

  2. Your function must accept any possible combination of inputs

  3. If the inputs are valid, it should return a tuple with 2 variables inside of it: value3, and label3. For example:

return (5,"minutes"). The exact label you choose to return for label3 ("minutes" for example) is up to you.

  1. If the inputs are invalid or impossible, it should return false. Here are examples of impossible and invalid inputs:

timeAdder(5,"hour",5,"minutes") // This is impossible because "hour" is singular and 5 is plural

timeAdder(false,false,5,"minutes") // This is invalid because the first 2 arguments are not the correct types

timeAdder({},"days",5,"minutes") // This is invalid because the first argument is the wrong type