The component always receives the same data

I have two files "Dropdown.js" and "editor.js". In editor I call Dropdown in following way:

if (answer.answerType === Constants.DropdownType) {
    return <DropdownType
    choices={solutionData.choices || []} // solutionData
    lastData={sIndex === - 1}

The keyword here is "choices". If I want to add new dropdown, it suppose to create new solutionData with empty array of choices. This is how I render it in "Dropdown.js":

{, cIndex) => (
   <div style={{ display: 'flex' }}>
   <input type="radio" checked={choice.correct} onChange={() => choiceItemOnChange(!choice.correct, null, cIndex, "correct", true)} />
   <QuillEditor key={cIndex} placeholder={"Value"} handle={(html, json) => {
   choiceItemOnChange(html, json, cIndex, "value", false)
   <FaTimesCircle onClick={() => choiceItemRemoveOption(cIndex)} title="Delete" size={20} />

The problem is that when I enter first dropdown list choices, like A, B, C and then I want to add new dropdown it renders SAME old dropdown - A, B, C.

For understanding what I send as 'solutionData', this is the console.logout -

choices: [object Object],[object Object],[object Object]

And when I add new dropdown, it just adds my choice as another object to existing 'choices' instead of creating new empty list.