How to use the Adwords API UploadOfflineConversions class in PHP

I'm a little confused about the UploadOfflineConversions class. I'm not exactly sure how to use it for multiple conversions at once.

How could I use this class in a foreach loop?

class UploadOfflineConversions

    const CONVERSION_NAME = 'API';
    const GCLID = 'xxxxxxx';
    const CONVERSION_TIME = 'xxxxxx';
    const CONVERSION_VALUE = '150.00';

    public static function runExample(
        AdWordsServices $adWordsServices,
        AdWordsSession $session,
    ) {
        $offlineConversionService = $adWordsServices->get($session, OfflineConversionFeedService::class);

        // Associate offline conversions with the existing named conversion tracker.
        // If this tracker was newly created, it may be a few hours before it can
        // accept conversions.
        $feed = new OfflineConversionFeed();

        // Optional: To upload fractional conversion credits, set the external
        // attribution model and credit. To use this feature, your conversion
        // tracker should be marked as externally attributed. See
        // to learn more about importing externally attributed conversions.

        // $feed->setExternalAttributionModel('Linear');
        // $feed->setExternalAttributionCredit(0.3);

        $offlineConversionOperation = new OfflineConversionFeedOperation();
        $offlineConversionOperations = [$offlineConversionOperation];

        $result = $offlineConversionService->mutate($offlineConversionOperations);

        $feed = $result->getValue()[0];
            "Uploaded offline conversion value of %d for Google Click ID = '%s' to '%s'.\n",

    public static function main()
        // Generate a refreshable OAuth2 credential for authentication.
        $oAuth2Credential = (new OAuth2TokenBuilder())->fromFile()->build();

        // Construct an API session configured from a properties file and the
        // OAuth2 credentials above.
        $session = (new AdWordsSessionBuilder())->fromFile()->withOAuth2Credential($oAuth2Credential)->build();
            new AdWordsServices(),