MSI to MSIX conversion

I am an application packaging engineer.below are the tools and platforms i work on . Platform supported by our applications : windows 8.1 and above. Tools : wix for packaging and c++ for custom actions.

I have been assigned a task for MSIX migration of one of our applications , it is a simple desktop app , with

  1. 3 custom actions to install services
  2. copy of files to installation directory 3.creation of 2 registries in HKLM and a desktop shortcut which points to the main application exe .

I was successfully able to convert the msi to msix using wix post installation i wasnt able to verify if all the files and reg are copied because the installation folder and reg are hidden but when i launched the app i did not see the application coming up so i figured out something must have gone wrong , so before i proceed further i have few questions for which i couldn't find answers even after googling for hours.

  1. is it possible to run an MSIX in silent mode (as we do for msi with /silent parameter this is very much required for my application because we do not run the msi/msix directly we instead use a custom wrapper (setup.exe) which calls the prerequisites and the msi and completes the installation).

  2. Is MSIX suitable for my environment (as per what i have explained above).

  3. is it not possible to schedule the custom action within the installation sequence?

4.if i want to copy files to any other location such as appdata or temp during installation how do i do that ? to add additional registries in HKLM and HKCU hives?

  1. Will it be a wise decision to stay with MSI instead of migrating ?

7.I have a requirement to take inputs from the user for Database name during installation in one of the installation wizards and store the same in registry ,is it possible?