Can't obtain Google Drive pickle token to install EZsheets module for python

I am trying to install and use EZsheets module for Python. I have followed all the instructions, i.e. enable Sheets and google Drive API from

,downloaded the .json credential file from

and dropped it in my working directory, then I run the import EZsheetson Jupyter Lab triggering google authentication request on the browser and everything goes fine for the Sheets pickle token, but when i grant the authorization for the Drive API as well, i get eventually an error message: "localhost refused to connect and no token :(

I tried to change browser but no luck, everything worked fine for the Sheets token, so I don't really what I should do differently.

Do you have any idea? Please, let me know if I should provide more input and what kind.

Thanks a lot. Cheers.

EDIT: this is the link to the full instruction I followed:

I did not write any code yet. The question is about how to obtain the token to run the module to allow me to write code :)