Geo cluster with pacemaker - quorum vs booth

I configured a geo cluster using pacemaker and DRBD. The cluster has 3 different nodes, each node is in a different geographic location. The locations are pretty close to one another and the communication between them is fast enough for our requirements (around 80MB/s).

I have one master node, one slave node and the third node is an arbitrator. I use aws route 53 fail over dns record to do fail over between the nodes in the different sites.

A fail over will happen from the master to the slave only if the slave has quorum, thus ensuring it has communication to the outside world.

I have read that using booth is advised to perform fail over between clusters/nodes in different locations - but having a quorum between different geographic locations seems to work very well.

I want to emphasize that I don't have a cluster of clusters - it is a single cluster, with each node in a different geo location.

My question is - do I need booth in my case? If so - why? Am I missing something?