How does np.array() works internally?

I've written my own tensor library and a corresponding Python binding. And I've made sure iterating through my tensor implementation works exactly like how NumPy works. I also made sure important method calls like __len__, __getitem__, __setitem__, etc... all works like how NumPy expected it to be. And so I expect

t = my_tensor.ones((4, 4))
print(t) # works
a = np.array(t)
print(a) # becomes a 32 dimension array

to give me a 4x4 matrix. But instead it gave me a 4x4x1x1.... (32 dims in total) array. I'm out of ways to debug this problem without knowing how NumPy performs the conversion internally. How does np.array works internally? I'm unable to locate the function within NumPy's source code nor I can find useful information on the web.

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