.NET multiple active nodes - sync multiple servers

Am building a solution that supposed to be running on multiple servers together. the current issue that am facing is how to sync these servers together and make sure to eliminate 2 things:

  • Duplication (Specially that big part of the code depends on pulling files from remote locations such as SFTP).
  • Singleton, some processes should only work on one server only.

Am currently using DB and manual coding to do this. i read that through azure there is a framework dedicated for this..

Any ideas could help.

Thanks a lot.

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  • answered 2020-08-21 17:54 Arsen Khachaturyan

    You can use Azure Microservices to:

    • Separate the independent logics to Azure Functions or AF (more info here)
    • Separate autonomous independent logic (not very complex) to Logic Apps LA (more info here)
    • Working on Big Data automotive flows, including copying from one big DB to another or requesting form one Server and storing to your desired location, with Data Factories (more info here).
    • Using Azure Storage accounts for saving the files you want (more info here).

    However for me on of the biggest challenges when working with Azure Microservices were the Azure DevOps CI/CD organizational part, especially connected with writing special Power Shell scripts for various needs.

    My advice here is to investigate the above options and see if they can be useful.

    Please be informed that I'm by no means working for Microsoft or doing any kind of advertisement for it. What I've shared above are just friendly hints, nothing more.