RabbitMQ Clustering with 1Master & 5Nodes

Recently i deployed and implement RabbitMQ with 1Master and 2Nodes (as slaves). Is it possible to clustering RabbitMQ with 1Master and 5Nodes? For the record in 1Master-2Nodes i used commands below and it works like a charm.

sudo rabbitmqctl set_policy ha-all ".*" '{"ha-mode":"all"}'

sudo rabbitmqctl set_policy ha-two "^two\." \

sudo rabbitmqctl set_policy ha-nodes "^nodes\." \
   '{"ha-mode":"nodes","ha-params":["rabbit@node02", "rabbit@node03"]}'

RabbitMQ Clustering (1 Master{node01} and 2 Slaves{node02,node03}

What changes should i perform on commands above to get my point? The point is RabbitMQ with 1Master and 5Nodes. Thank you so much for helping me.