How to parse xml in golang with list of multiple elements values. And store them in list

I want to parse this xml and store in one data structure in golang below.

camera: LibX,LibY,...(dynamic list) display: LibP,LibQ,...(dynamic list)

        <techpackage_name> camera </techpackage_name>
        ....(dynamic number of libraries)
        <techpackage_name> display </techpackage_name>
        ....(dynamic number of  libraries)

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  • answered 2020-09-14 05:44 mkopriva

    You can unmarshal what you call "dynamic list" into a slice.

    type TechPackages struct {
        xml.Name    `xml:"techpackages"`
        TechPackage []TechPackage `xml:"techpackage"`
    type TechPackage struct {
        TechPackageName string   `xml:"techpackage_name"`
        Library         []string `xml:"library"`
    var pp TechPackages
    if err := xml.Unmarshal(data, &pp); err != nil {