Visual Studio Code can't see Session class with MySQL Connector 8 (MacOS)

My head is spinning. I'm using Visual Studio Code (1.49) on MacOS and have MySQL Connector 8.0.21 installed. I've included "mysqlx/xdevapi.h" and it can see the 'Session' class, oh wait, until, I try to use it. It must be something extremely simple because I can't find a thing!

#include "mysqlx/xdevapi.h"

int main(void)
    Session sess("localhost", 33060, "user", "password");
    Schema db= sess.getSchema("test");

identifier "Session" is undefinedC/C++(20)

So I right click and it takes me straight to the definition which looks completely normal (i.e., not excluded because of some wacky #define or something). It's using -std=c++11, etc.

When it's compiled I get:

error: unknown type name 'Session'

Session sess("localhost", 33060, "user", "password");

This is SERIOUSLY basic C++, um, what am I missing oh Stack Overflow Gods? And yes my c_cpp_properties have the right include path, and it seems like I have CMakeLists.txt set up correctly.

Perhaps somewhere there's a flag I missed that needs to be set when you've been bagging your head against a wall and aren't really happy that Oracle is the MySQL overseer?