Bug in pushing an object to a shared_ptr<string_view> queue

In this code I created 2 functions in addition to the main function. One pushes an object to the queue, and the other one gets the user input and adds it to the queue as a shared pointer<string_view>.

When trying to print the user input which we added to the queue, it does not print anything. The thing is when you push shared_ptr<string_view>("Hello World!") instead of the user input, it do prints "Hello World!"

I do understand (or thinks I do) it is related to the fact that "Hello World!" is temporary while the buffer variable is local - but I dont know how to fix that....

#include <string_view>
#include <iostream>
#include <queue>
#include <memory>

using namespace std;

void addToQueue(queue<shared_ptr<string_view>> &queue, shared_ptr<string_view> object ) {

void readInput(queue<shared_ptr<string_view>> &queue) {
    string buffer;
    //get user input
    cin >> buffer;

    // When changing this row to
    // addToQueue(make_shared<string_view>("Hello World!"));
    //"Hello World!" will be printed
    addToQueue(queue, make_shared<string_view>(buffer)); 

int main() {
    queue<shared_ptr<string_view>> queue;
    cout << *queue.front().get() << endl;