Could AI help fight with Covid-19?

Lately, I hear from all media sources that AI is stand up finance, insurance, education industries to a new level. What about medicine? Covid-19 is one of the time bombs in 2020. If we can use AI to make chatbots recommend the most suitable credits to customers, and Google imposes a new COVID distribution map in Google Maps, why can't AI / ML be used to prevent and treat COVID? Why are there still no chatbots that, based on Big Data, will be able to advise people who are sick (or possibly sick on COVID) and they are on self-isolation? There are, of course, support hotlines. Still, in my experience, they are "too cold" ... Why, based on the database of patients' past diseases, using AI not to identify risk groups most predisposed to the disease and not protect them or protect others from them. Why is AI so active in commercial areas, but its distribution in the sphere of human relations is very lame? Who is the expert? I want to hear your opinion.

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