Active MQ Artemis, most of the addresses and queue disappeared after HA failover

Ubuntu 18.04 Artemis 2.14

I've been experimenting with HA. Usually I can shut down the primary, and the secondary comes alive, with all the addresses and queues. But today I shut the primary down and the secondary came to life but with only a few of the addresses and queues. Some addresses appeared with no queues, some with only one, but most were totally missing.

I started the primary broker again, and HA switched back, but still without all the objects. They're all setup the same, for the most part.

I created the objects (addresses and queues) through the console, then used the data tools to export them from the journal and an import them into this instance -- which I'm preparing to run as the production instance.

What would cause the objects to disappear? Should I instead define them in the broker.xml file?